Catching up with the PALO family

It’s almost two months since we wrapped up our first-ever Innovestor PALO program. Last Thursday we got to welcome the PALO companies back to our offices for a follow-up day to see what everyone’s been up to and make sure we continue supporting each other also going forward. After all, as one of the participants put it, “We are all PALO family now”.

The typical experience from accelerator programs tends to be that while they are insightful and intense, they also end pretty suddenly, and participants are often left wondering where to go next. This is why we wanted to organize the follow-up day, to share experiences and learnings, celebrate good news, and go through any questions, concerns, and next steps.

The day started with a guest speaker Janne Heikkinen from Innovestor portfolio company Spindrive (a great example of a sustainable tech company further along its growth path), sharing his entrepreneur journey and Spindrive’s growth story to date.

Next up was our very own Matti Härkönen diving deeper into corporate collaboration and how to make the most of it while protecting your IP.

Last but not least, our new Partner and leader of the PALO program, Piia Maaranen wrapped up the day with exercises around participants’ feedback on the program, their advice for future PALO companies as well as thoughts on how we can all work together going forward.

It was all in all a great and insightful day, and good to see everyone focused, and working towards their clarified goals. We will follow up closely with our first Innovestor PALO alumni and make sure you will be hearing from them soon!

If you would like to find out more about the Innovestor PALO program or send in your application for PALO 2023, visit our PALO website.