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    PALO is Innovestor’s accelerator for the most promising early-stage sustainable technology startups.

    The 2024 accelerator will begin in September and conclude in November.

    What makes PALO unique?
    Participating in a VC-run accelerator offers considerable benefits to the participants regarding resources, expertise, guidance, and network. Innovestor invests €75K in all companies chosen for the accelerator and provides valuable access to future customer base through venture client model.

    Who should apply?
    Are you a visionary early-stage Finnish startup wanting to revolutionize the world with your sustainable tech innovation? We would love to hear from you!

    Sustainability / ESG
    During the accelerator we will tackle the basics of GHG emission reduction and practical guidelines to start calculating a carbon footprint. All companies will be guided on producing an ESG strategy, which is highly valuable for future growth and funding.

    Follow-on funding
    PALO doesn’t stop after the accelerator. You will all become a part of vibrant PALO alumni and will have a possibility to receive a follow-on funding from Innovestor.

    The workshops are live days in Helsinki. The personalized advisor growth boards can be hybrid or online.

  • Funding

    All companies attending will receive a pre-seed investment of €75K for 6% equity stake and will become a part of Innovestor’s VC portfolio. 

  • Testimonials

    PALO accelerator experiences in a nutshell
    The feedback from the PALO has been very positive; the overall grade for the program given by the participants was 4.7/5 (2022 & 2023). Four out of the eight batch 2022 participants have also already received follow-on investments after the program.

    ”I was skeptical at first, but during the first meeting, I realized PALO was something different. It was love at first sight with Innovestor, and after the program, we are still in love. Having a VC on board from the beginning makes everything more serious and gets you in front of other investors and corporate contacts that you would not easily connect with without the program. The VC element also makes seeking future funding easier.”

    Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, Co-Founder, The Warming Surfaces Company.

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  • Advisors

    During the 12 weeks, you will work with your dedicated Growth Board, which consists of top-notch advisors chosen for your company during the onboarding process. The advisors are committed to developing your business idea with you by bringing their vast experience in growing and developing sustainable businesses.

    Get to know some of our amazing advisors

  • Corporates

    We believe that you have to test and validate your product/service with your potential client in the early stage. Hence, the venture client model built in the PALO accelerator.

    During the onboarding process we will select the best  partners for your company from our wide corporate network.

    Our corporates partners can be found for example from our ecosystem partner Finnish Society of Automation network.



  • Deal Day

    The highlight of the accelerator will be the Deal Day, where the participants get to deliver their polished pitches to impress potential future investors. We will invite fellow VCs, angel- and corporate investors to attend the exciting day!

    Check out the vibes Deal Day from the video below.


What will you get?

  • €75K investment from our sustainable pre-seed fund 
  • Access to essential corporate and investor network
  • Intensive support to fine-tune your product, pitch, and early growth strategy.  

Start date: September 2024
Duration: 12 weeks



Applications are open for Innovestor PALO 2024 batch. We review applications throughout the application period. Secure your spot by applying before June 2, 2024.


Meet some of the PALO Alumni and read what they have to say about the program. 

Fluff Stuff

Fluff Stuff is a material innovation and impact design company that creates planet positive textile fillings and develops new harvesting technology. Their solution is a high performing plant-based filling material from cattail. 

“Innovestor PALO Accelerator offered a great structure with clear milestones and valuable investor and customer contacts. It also had more focus on and a better understanding of sustainability than other accelerators.”

Tea Auramo and Amir Tahvonen, Co-Founders, Fluff Stuff. 


ReFaMo provides a unique approach to solve the issues related to fatigue structural health monitoring. Their fatigue monitoring and analytics (CFMA) system, developed from research at Lappeenranta University of Technology, offers detailed life expectancy insights and enhances understanding of structural health by analyzing the relationship between load and fatigue.

“In 2022, we joined the PALO Accelerator with goals of connecting with key corporate clients and crafting a growth strategy. The program proved transformative, giving us strategic direction and fostering connections within a supportive entrepreneurial community. Following the participation, we secured funding in 2023 and gained entry into the Business Finland Deep Tech Accelerator (DTA).”

Vesa Aaltonen, CEO & Co-founder at ReFaMo

Capalo AI

Capalo AI is a sustainable tech company that maximizes the value of flexible assets and energy storage systems across multiple markets. They combine the most accurate forecast data with cutting-edge AI models.

“Everything was organized professionally. Innovestor’s networks towards relevant investors were valuable for our business.”

Henri Taskinen and Teemu Lappalainen, Co-Founders, Capalo AI.

The Warming Surfaces

The Warming Surface Company

Founded just before entering the PALO Accelerator in 2022, the company quickly validated its key offerings and secured its first financing round with the help of Palo advisors and corporate networks.

“Our Halia® digital warming technology, which integrates into furniture and surfaces to provide real-time warmth, offers significant energy savings and has attracted considerable attention, especially in Central and Southern Europe. Our innovative approach led to a 2nd place among over 230 companies at the European Proptech Association’s Proptech Startup Europe Awards 2023! Today, we have a growing international clientele and have obtained additional funding to continue our expansion, so big thanks to our first VC and great Palo Accelerator!

Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, CEO & Co-founder at Warming Surfaces Company


Examples of corporations that are in the PALO ecosystem.

Metsä Group
Oulun Energia

Oomi Energia



We want to make a positive impact by supporting and growing businesses that change the world for the better. We call it making good money.

Innovestor is one of the most active venture capital investors in the Nordics and the only VC in Finland with a built-in accelerator as a value-creating model. The firm currently manages six VC funds with total capital of 250M. Consisting of almost 100 growth companies, it represents one of the largest private venture-backed portfolios in the Nordics.

Some examples of our sustainable investments combined with excellent growth: