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Who we are

We are a Nordic early-stage venture capital investor, who offers co-investment opportunities to our co-investors and builds growth programs for growth companies and partners.



For Investors

Co-invest in future success stories together with us

Select investment opportunities based on your own preferences and obtain valuable industry insights and networks. Our investment targets consist of our growth companies and commercial properties. All which go through our rigorous due diligence process.


For Growth Companies

Get the capital you need, know-how and networks to accelerate your growth

We have the largest private venture backed growth company portfolio in the Nordics. Receive not only our capital, but leverage our know-how and networks as well by participating in our growth programs in order to either renew, grow and internationalize your business.


For Partners

Stay at the forefront of new technologies, innovations and trends

Get connected with the future success stories in specific regions and/or industries and simultaneously expand your visibility and customer base amongst growth companies.


investment opportunities analysed annually

growth company portfolio - the largest private portfolio in the Nordics



Our Nordic Source

Future success stories written together

The Nordic+ region is one the world’s leading technology and innovation hubs. We are at the forefront in developing new concepts and operating models to create added value for early-stage companies in need of growth support, investors, and partners looking for industry know-how and networking opportunities.


Our Companies

We invest in early stage, tech driven startups with ambitious teams looking to accelerate their growth with an experienced venture capital investor. Join us and co-invest alongside Innovestor, other VCs and private investors.

Our limited partners include:



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