Tenboron funding round oversubscribed - an investment that impacts lives

Tenboron raises €1.5M – an investment that impacts lives

Congratulations to our portfolio company Tenboron Ltd for successfully closing their funding round due to oversubscription and raising their target of €1.5M!

Tenboron Ltd, a 2010 founded Helsinki based pharmaceutical company has developed a new novel boron delivery agent to help fight cancer together with the already proven cancer fighting BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) treatment.

Tenboron is the only known company to register this new generation boron carrier as a medicine. There is no equivalent like it anywhere else.” Juha Jouhki, CEO – Tenboron Ltd.

Tenboron’s boron containing medicine is administered directly into the patient’s cancerous tumor, which is then activated by external neutron radiation, thereby producing destructive short-range radiation within the cancer cells. For patients, this treatments advantages trump the conventional methods of chemotherapy or surgery as it is non-invasive, painless and does minimal damage to healthy tissue.

The treatment has already shown remarkable efficiency in treating terminal stage Head & Neck cancer patients and has been curative for 15-20% of terminal phase patients.


This truly was an investment that matters and will impact lives, as it will enable Tenboron to begin testing their new cancer fighting medicine with the BNCT cancer treatment. Meaning that by the end of this year, real cancer patients will start being treated as human trials begin.

“I am of course extremely pleased of this successful funding round and happy that so many share our belief in the possibilities of this treatment. The company can now focus on starting human trials with our molecule, and seeing how it works in a real biological setting” Juha Jouhki

We warmly welcome all our co-investors and thank you for joining and supporting Tenboron forward on their growth journey together with us. The rounds investors included us as the lead investor, Tenboron’s CEO and members of their management team, private investors and a large Finnish foundation.


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