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Investing in the most promising startups together with experienced venture capital investors has never been easier. And when we say together, we really mean it. We call this investment approach, co-investment. All of our chosen startups are supported not only with capital, but also with our expertise and network as well as with our unique partnership model. Visit our Co-investment Platform and start investing together with us - we warmly welcome you to join our community.

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Sweet spot pre-vetted Nordic startups with us
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We offer different types of investment channels
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We are your investment channel to the Nordic regions most promising startups, invest together with us based on your own preferences

Growth roundGrowth portfolioGrowth fund
Startup companies, nr.110c. 20
Starting minimum investment, EUR10 000*50 000250 000
Allocation / startup, starting EUR10 0005 00012 500
Structure (ownership)Ltd.Ltd.LP
Subscription fee3.0%1.0%0%
Multiple investments with one signature
Guaranteed allocation in oversubscription situation
Industry and growth stage diversification
Professional fund management

* Starting minimum investment may vary case by case




Growth round

Sweet spotting Nordic startups together with us

Invest in a carefully selected startup that matches your investment preferences. All our Growth Round companies go through a rigorous selection process and are hand-picked from hundreds of alternatives and are pre-vetted based on professional VC-standards. We always invest in each Growth Round together with you. Visit our co-investment platform, view our open co-investment opportunity and get all the investor materials.


Growth portfolio

Take the fast lane and build a diversified startup portfolio

No time or skills to build a well diversified startup portfolio? Consider the problem solved. As a Growth Portfolio investor you automatically participate in the next 10 Growth Rounds. Visit our co-investment platform and get to know our current and previous Growth Round companies. Get started by contacting us today and let’s get the ball rolling!


Growth fund

Investment solutions for institutional investors

Allocate capital to our funds for complete investment management. We understand the special needs of institutional investors and actively plan new funds. We currently manage Innovestor Growth Fund 1 LP and Innovestor Growth Fund 2 LP. Innovestor Growth Fund 1 LP is highly diversified portfolio consisting of almost 100 companies in all fields of technology. Contact us for more detailed information on future fund opportunities.

How it works

Experience a new age startup investment approach into pre-vetted opportunities together with us.

Our experienced team analyses 1000+ opportunities annually

Deal terms
Deal terms
We take care of the due diligence, negotiating and deal term preparations according to professional VC standards on your behalf

Get to know our opportunities and invest capital together with us based on your own preferences via our co-investment platform

Join our community
Join our community
Strengthen your network with our Nordic Source community of investors, startups and partners




Why invest in unlisted companies (i.e startups)?

Startup investments have historically been one of the best performing asset classes. The annual return of a well diversified portfolio can on average be over 10%.

What is co-investment?

By co-investment we mean that we give you the opportunity to invest together with us, a professional venture capital investor, with the same terms. As our co-investor you don’t have to worry about finding and evaluating the right startup, negotiating deal terms or dealing with investment reporting.

How can I join and invest with Innovestor?

The easiest way to get started is to subscribe to our newsletter, that way you’ll be the first to know about our newest co-investment opportunities. Investing itself is effortless and can be done either on our co-investment platform by logging in with your bank id, or by contacting us directly via phone or email.

What is important to understand when investing with Innovestor?

Ultimately you are responsible for your own investment decisions, just as Innovestor is for its own decisions. As a counterweight to a high return on investment, the risk associated with a single investment is also high. Additionally, the liquidity of unlisted companies’ is considerably weaker than those of listed companies, which should be taken into account at for example the time of investment. For this reason, we recommend to actively diversify your investments, both in terms of investment targets and time.

Does Innovestor have an operating license from a financial supervisory authority?

Yes, Innovestor Ltd. is supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.