From Innovestor Palo to next steps: How Innovestor’s Palo Program helped Fluff Stuff to grow its sustainable textile innovation? 

We could not be more excited! Innovestor Palo 2023 application period is just around the corner – starting on 4th May, so this is a perfect time to introduce our 2022 PALO companies and check what they say about the program. 

This week, we are happy to introduce you Fluff Stuff, a material innovation company that provides climate-positive textile fillings and products. Fluff Stuff’s innovative solution is to replace unsustainable materials such as down feathers and polyester fibers with a high-performing, plant-based filling material from cattail. 

We talked with co-founder Tea Auramo, Designer Amir Tahvonen, and recently appointed CEO Erno Launo. So tell us, folks, why was PALO a good match for your company? 

“Innovestor’s Palo Program had a great structure with clear milestones and valuable investor and customer contacts. It also had more focus on and understanding of sustainability than in other accelerators,” Tea Auramo and Amir Tahvonen from Fluff Stuff describe. 

One of the key elements of PALO is that the participants can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and widen their network with investors and potential customers. Meeting the right kind of advisors early on can make a huge change. We also find it essential that the cooperation between Innovestor and PALO companies continues after the program. 

“Since the PALO program, Fluff Stuff has continued to grow and attract interest in Finland and internationally. There has been a huge demand for the material, and large international companies and universities have already inquired about the material. Currently, the company focuses on refining the production process and piloting projects with the first customers. Innovestor has worked closely with the Fluff Stuff team in the “PALO Alumni spirit” and has guided with international financing and collaboration opportunities. Fluff Stuff has also received Business Finland’s Tempo funding aimed at preparing for international growth and announced new team members with the hiring of Erno Launo as CEO and adding Samu-Jussi Koski, known for his work at Marimekko and Samuji brand, to the Advisory Board”, comments the CEO Erno Launo from Fluff Stuff. 

Fluff Stuff’s story is inspiring, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for the company as they continue to pave the way for sustainable textile fillings and products. 

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the upcoming Palo 2023 application period starting on 4th May! 

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