Innovestor invests in SynergyXR

Danish Metaverse and XR-technology developer, SynergyXR, is ready for global growth with a strong investor team consisting of local and international investors. With a USD $3 million investment, SynergyXR is in position to make the Metaverse mainstream for companies worldwide. Innovestor is the lead investor in the team of investors.

The Metaverse has been the talk of the town since Zuckerberg brought it to the forefront in late 2021. For the team behind SynergyXR, however, this was old news. They have specialized in the technology for over 10 years. 

“We are extremely pleased to have these amazing partners onboard. We have gained a great network and strong competencies, which together with the investment will help us meet our very ambitious goal of increasing our platform revenue sevenfold in just two years,” says SynergyXR CEO and Co-founder Mads Troelsgaard. 

“We believe the timing is right to invest in Augmented and Virtual Reality in the workplace, and we believe the founders of SynergyXR have what it takes to succeed. Not only does their technology allow companies to train, onboard and communicate safely and effectively in ways not available before, their enthusiasm and business acumen is second to none,” says Myron Seto, Partner from Finnish lead investor Innovestor Ventures. 

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