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Our Grow to Market (GTM) programs are your expressway to global business. Connect with experienced partners for a swift and efficient market entry to the USA and Sweden

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Domestic and International Contacts & Networks

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Go to Market strategy Feedback & professional coaching

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Target Market Know-how & Information

Sights set on international markets?

We will help validate your Go to Market plan


Internationalization is a huge investment for growth companies and requires a great amount of courage and determination to be successful abroad. 

We take ambitious  growth companies abroad to learn the real stuff and connect them with relevant people that have market experience, so they can have the confidence and knowledge required to wisely invest their time and money in markets abroad.



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Markets; USA, Sweden. Previously also China.

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Our network abroad

Access to solid international contacts


Our USA and Sweden networks consist of around 200 experts within various business fields including; market consultants, investors, lawyers, accountants, as well as other Finnish growth companies. Additionally we give you access to our  Finnish fellow companies CEO’s, entrepreneurs and executives, who share valuable information on their own experiences and know-how related to the target market. 



Who is the ideal Grow to Market participant?

Growth company phase
Growth company phase
You have proof of concept and have decided to take the next growth leap

Generating revenue
Generating revenue
You are operational and have domestic and possibly also your first international customers

Resources to scale
Resources to scale
You have identified the need to grow beyond Finland and have the resources to execute it

Go to Market ambition
Go to Market ambition
Ideally you have a preliminary plan in place and/or are in the process of creating one

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Our Market Programs


Grow to USA

Take on the US market from New York

The USA is known for being one of the world’s most competitive business markets. One which our Grow to USA program gives a brief but deep encounter with.


Grow to Sweden

Your gateway to the Nordic markets from Stockholm

The Swedish market is often a natural next step for Finnish growth companies to expand too. But don’t be fooled, entering a neighbouring market is not as straightforward as you might think.

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