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We are investing in Tenboron Ltd, a 2010 founded Helsinki based pharmaceutical company that has developed a novel boron delivery agent to help fight cancer. Tenboron’s previous & very successful funding round was organized in 2017. We now offer you the opportunity to invest together with us via our Co-investment Platform.

Cancer is unfortunately one of the leading causes of death worldwide and is a challenging disease to treat due to its characteristics of recurrence, resistance and inoperability. Luckily, the number of cancer research treatments have been advancing in recent years and new innovations are being launched, Tenboron being one such company. According to Tenboron’s CEO Juha Jouhki, “Tenboron is the only known company to register this new generation boron carrier as a medicine. There is no equivalent like it anywhere else.

Market opportunity

A recent study found that the global cancer therapy market was valued at around $136 billion and is estimated to grow to $220 billion by 2024, with Tenboron’s target market of head & neck cancers being of a substantial size. Backed by successful pre-clinical trials, an experienced team and proven science, Tenboron has developed a novel medicine for the delivery of the element boron into cancerous tissue. Coupled with the already proven cancer fighting BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) treatment, it is possible to biologically and selectively target and kill cancerous tumor cells.

Tenboron’s boron containing medicine is administered directly into the patient’s cancerous tumor, which is then activated by external neutron radiation, thereby producing destructive short-range radiation within the cancer cells. For patients, this treatments advantages trump the conventional methods of chemotherapy or surgery as it is non-invasive, painless and does minimal damage to healthy tissue.

The treatment has already shown remarkable efficiency in treating terminal stage Head & Neck cancer patients and has been curative for 15-20% of terminal phase patients.

Heading into clinical trials

On the wave of the successful pre-clinical results, Mr Jouhki stated that company is now raising additional funding “in order to start clinical trials with our boron medicine. The capital is needed both for producing the medicine according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) criteria, but also so that the pre-clinical testing can be conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements.

“In Finland, our boron neutron capture treatment has received very good results from a couple hundred patients. Now with the completion of a new type of neutron source, it is again possible to provide this treatment. Its popularity is guaranteed if the results are the same as before”, Mr Jouhki explained.

We are acting as the rounds lead investor by investing 200,000€ into the company’s future. We have chosen to invest again for two reasons:

Funding round details

Tenboron’s funding round is open until 19.4.2019 on our Co-investment Platform.

Meet the CEO

We’re hosting an investor webinar (April 3rd, at 8:30) for investors to meet CEO Juha Jouhki and learn more about Tenboron – welcome to join and ask questions! (Webinar held in Finnish)


How to invest

Visit our Co-investment Platform and get to know the company by downloading Tenboron’s investor material. Once you are ready to invest with us, simply log into the platform and fill in the share subscription form.

If you have any questions, would like more information or want to book a face to face meeting, please contact our Director of Investor Relations, Päivi Ihme:

Päivi Ihme

Director, Investor Relations

paivi.ihme@innovestor.fi | +358 40 586 5627

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