New co-investment opportunity! Tech startup disrupting the speciality coffee market

Say hello to Slurp ☕️


Our newest co-investment opportunity is now live on our Co-investment Platform! Slurp is a global dropshipping marketplace for speciality coffee.“Specialty coffee” is an official term to describe highest quality coffee beans available, usually roasted by artisan roasters. 
Slurp has developed a service platform that connects high quality coffee roasteries directly to consumers. Their subscription based business model (Coffee-as-a-service) allows you to order specialty coffee to your own liking and have it delivered straight to your home (or office) from the roastery.

Why invest in Slurp with us?


The company’s number of registered users and turnover have more than doubled each year of operation (4 years), and their current resources are prepared and ready to scale with even larger delivery volumes. Their cloud-based technology platform also utilizes and comprehensivley manages the whole supply chain, incl. ordering, logistics, payments and customer support.
Compared to traditional grocery stores, they offer a considerably wider range of unique products coupled with a more affordable price. Additionally, they have no direct competitors in Finland and only a few similar competitors worldwide.


Some other key points…
– Slurp has an attractive value proposition for both their users and roasters (please see the investor presentation found in our portal)
– The company has a steadily growing customer base made up on B2C and B2B customers with both bases doubling in size in the past 12 months.
– They have strong unit economics exemplified best with their low, under 5% churn rate.
– There is a proven track record of consistent revenue growth, with it predominately coming from the recurring B2B customer base.
– The company has good margins and efficient working capital with a gross margin of 35%.
– Their core value is in tech, with their new proprietary platform to be published in H1 of 2019 and machine learning features and holistic AI to be built in 2020.


Watch the below video and get to know the Slurp co-investment opportunity. You can read all the investment material and invest easily through our online co-investment platform by clicking here.