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We are investing in Sensmet Ltd, a 2017 founded University of Oulu research spinoff, that has developed a proprietary water analyser technology to be used in heavy industry and environmental monitoring to transform the safety, security and efficiency of water processes. We now offer you the opportunity to invest together with us via our Co-investment Platform.

We measure other climactic elements such as air quality, but have had no good solutions so far for water. Even though water is vital for all forms of life, and plays a big part in combating climate change, there has not existed an efficient solution for measuring and analysing the quality of water.

”You can go online and see the air quality of large cities, but if you want to know the water quality of your nearby river or lake , the technology simply hasn’t existed” says Sensmet’s CTO Toni Laurila.

Although we do and can analyse water, the current methods such as laboratory and online analyses are old fashioned and can be costly, prone to human error and inefficient.

Knowing this, and after several years of university research on micro-plasma analyser technology and related application development, the researchers decided to create a better solution. The company has made an analytical breakthrough by developing a first of its kind multi-element water analyser that measures the quality of water, in real-time and using only a single integrated measurement instrument. The fully automated technology can measure 50 water parameters from a single drop of water, and utilises cloud analytics and AI for comprehensive minute-level monitoring.

The resulting big water collected data allows for example safer and more accurate control and optimisation of production processes.

Market opportunity

Sensmet’s proprietary water analyser technology will be used for heavy industry applications as well as environmental monitoring.

Heavy industry such as mining, steel, energy production and pulp & paper use vast quantities of water for their production processes, processes which can be further optimised by water analysis to make cost savings. If these industries implemented real-time process monitoring they could for example; increase yields, increase product quality and react immediately if waste water discharges overshoot the allowed quality limits.

For environmental monitoring, Sensmet has already conducted pilots for the cities of Espoo and Helsinki analysing different water sources. On a larger scale, their technology can for example make correct real-time measurements according to the Water Quality Index, analyse the pollution and contamination of water sources and monitor the safety of recycled water.

“The goal is to gradually introduce a requirement for real-time water analysis to environmental permits. And at the same time, companies get a tool to optimize their production for their water processes” says Sensmet’s CEO Kalle Blomberg von der Geest.

Funding round details

Sensmet’s funding round is open until 31.5.2019 on our Co-investment Platform.

We are the rounds lead investor and are investing 250,000 € into the company’s future.

Meet the CEO

We’re hosting an investor webinar (May 9th, at 8:30) where you can talk to CTO Toni Laurila and learn more about Sensmet – welcome to join and ask questions! (Please note; Webinar held in Finnish)


How to invest

Visit our Co-investment Platform and get to know the company by downloading Sensmet’s investor material. Once you are ready to invest with us, simply log into the platform with your bank-id and fill in the share subscription form.

If you have any questions, would like more information or want to book a face to face meeting with our investor relations team, please contact our Director of Investor Relations, Päivi Ihme:

Päivi Ihme

Director, Investor Relations | +358 40 586 5627

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