Remomedi Ltd / New Co-investment Opportunity

We are investing into Remomedi Ltd, a 2017 founded quickly growing technology company developing scalable digital customer service platforms for the pharmacy industry. We now offer you the opportunity to invest together with us into Remomedi via our Co-investment Platform.

Bridging the Digital Gap

As digitalization sweeps across various industries, Remomedi has become a perfect match for the pharmacy industry. Their products allow both independent and retail chain pharmacies to better utilize technology and data to improve their key customer operations. Remomedi’s products include:

The modern customer is used to being offered various digital buying options when making purchases such as for food (Wolt), accommodation (Airbnb), transportation (Uber) etc. But so far, many pharmacies have not met these digital customer expectations. Brick and Mortar pharmacies are of course in the future still needed, but implementing an omnichannel approach provides pharmacies with an even greater competitive advantage and improved service for customers.

Why invest

 According to Remomedi’s CEO Kari Paukkeri, the Pharmaceutical industry is globally one of the most stable and steadily growing industries. The company is raising funding to enable rapid growth with a goal of being the market leader in digitalizing pharmacies customer service operations in Europe by 2023.

We are proven to have the best and most scalable products on the market. We are accelerating our well-established sales in Finland and we have already started our client expansion in the Nordic countries. There are about 3,000 potential pharmacies in the Nordic countries and over 100,000 in Europe” stated Kari.

Why then consider investing in Remomedi together with us and other co-investors? According to Kari, the pharmaceutical industry is currently lagging behind other retailers in regards to digitalization, mainly due to regulatory reasons. And consumers, pharmacies and pharmacy chains, are currently seeking solutions for digitalizing their customer service operations. Remomedi is filling the gap.

“We are the first in Europe to provide pharmacies with easy-to-use remote tools that address both regulatory and consumer purchasing requirements. Our company has more than thirty pharmacy owners, a board of industry leaders and experienced staff sharing a common vision.” explained Kari.

Funding round details

Remomedi’s funding round is open until 18.9.2019 on our Co-investment Platform. We are the rounds lead investor investing 200k-300k€ into the company’s future.

Meet the CEO

We are hosting an investor breakfast the 28.8.2019, 8.30 at our Helsinki office, where Remomedi’s CEO Kari Paukkeri will introduce the company and funding round. (Please note: the event is held in Finnish)

Register to the breakfast

The event will also be streamed live as a webinar. You can attend remotely by registering to the webinar here:

Register to the webinar

How to invest

Visit our Co-investment Platform and get to know the company by downloading Remomedi’s investor material. Once you are ready to invest with us, simply log into the platform with your bank-id and fill in the share subscription form.

If you have any questions, would like more information or want to book a face to face meeting with our investor relations team, please contact our Director of Investor Relations, Päivi Ihme:

Päivi Ihme

Director, Investor Relations | +358 40 586 5627

Download investor material

Remomedi in the media

Let’s keep the brick and mortar pharmacy relevant to digitalization with the Omnichannel and Click&Collect strategy 

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Danish swipbox and finnish remomedi now offer digital dispensing of medicine

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