New Fall = New Market for these companies

In this fall we are heading to Stockholm and New York together with two Grow to Market groups.

Companies heading to Sweden follow our earlier groups in the sense of industry and size. Most of the companies come from software and technology industries, the average turnover for the group is 1,6 million euros and together they employ almost a hundred people.

Software and technology industries are also well represented in the US group but otherwise the companies are generally more earlier stage than in the Sweden group. However, there are lot of diversity in the group regarding business maturity and turnover.

Companies attending this fall’s Grow to Market trips are:

C2 SmartLight Ltd is a tech company that specializes in smart outdoor lighting solutions. Our solutions are capable of lighting in challenging circumstances, from small yards to entire towns, along with ports, parks, industrial areas, halls and railway yards. The smart interaction between lighting and the environment is the future of lighting control.

Caracom Group
CaraCom Group provides technology innovations that are related to security and safety at work.

We offer nationwide high-quality self-storages and additional services such as packaging materials, moving boxes etc. We aim to buy old industrial real estate for self-storage use and then convert them into modern self-storage hotels.

Salusfin Ltd is a technology provider of Energy management and Security solutions. We provide means to track and manage living conditions: energy consumption, environmental measures, security and comfort level.

Tekniq Oy is a private consulting, recruiting, and resource management company with highly qualified experts in house. Briefly, we are a resource management and solution provider.

Bout provides an app for boat riders. The app is a platform for finding and providing boat rides.

Soil Scout
Soil Scout is focused on massively reducing the amount of water and energy used for irrigation in agriculture, sports and related high-water demand sectors. We build the groundings and growth starting from the most adaptive sector: Sports & Golf.

Sales enablement platform for winning teams.

Sofokus helps businesses to build & strengthen unfair competitive advantage with the aid of a core digital platform.

Vinka provides a SaaS platform (Vinka Mobility Platform) for automating and optimizing on-demand fleets. It can be used in taxi dispatching, public transport, ride-hailing, special needs transportation and last mile logistics, and we can operate regular and autonomous fleets.

Taustamarkkinat BGMT
Enrichening content production. BGMT produce comprehensive solutions in advertising and videoproduction.

3DTech provides a scalable and easy to use bio printer, Brinter™, for clinical research in the medical and pharmaceutical industry and university R&D.

Follow these companies jounrney  in Stockholm on 17th -19th of September and in New York on 30th of September – 4th of October by following us in Twitterand in LinkedIn!

What kind of companies are planning on making market entry to Sweden and USA ?