Meet Innovestor Trainees

For us at Innovestor, it is important to support students and graduates at the start of their careers. As this field offers a diverse set of different and interesting tasks, trainees at Innovestor will get a great opportunity to develop their skills and potential future career in a supportive and successful work community.

This year we’ve been grateful to have several trainees supporting our businesses. Now it’s time to introduce our current trainees: Maria, Liina, Anna-Mari and Emma.

Get to know our new talents and read below what they think about working at Innovestor.

Maria Aller

(Trainee, Real Estate)

My name is Maria. I’m a fourth-year student at Aalto University with a major in accounting and a minor in real estate economics. This fall, I started as an Asset Management trainee in Innovestor’s Real Estate team. My job includes different tasks related to real estate management. 

What I like most about Innovestor is definitely the atmosphere and good team spirit. A good example is the morning workouts that we have every Friday. There you get to know your colleagues in a different way than just working together. At Innovestor, people trust each other and are not afraid to give responsibility, and I think that’s why I’ve learned so much in a short time”, says Maria.

Anna-Mari Jalo

(Trainee, Real Estate) 

I am Anna-Mari, and I’m a Real Estate Economics student at Aalto University. This summer, I started as an Asset Management trainee in Innovestor’s Real Estate team. My role includes e.g., assisting asset managers with different tasks related to real estate management. In addition, I’ve got involved in tenant management.

”In this field, I get to combine my interests in economics and finance, urban planning, and real estate investment. In addition, I feel it is important that the real estate industry plays a major role in building a sustainable future,”says Anna-Mari.

Emma Kettunen

(Marketing Trainee)

My name is Emma, and I’m a third-year Marketing student at Jönköping International Business School. This fall, I started as a Marketing trainee in Innovestor’s Marketing team. My day-to-day job includes assisting in different marketing-related tasks, such as planning and executing the content production pipeline and strengthening the brand image.

“What inspires me most at Innovestor, is the company’s people and values. At Innovestor, we’re not just a group of individuals but rather one team. We aim to support sustainability, entrepreneurship, and future development in everything we do. People also care about each other and trust in the business we do, and that’s what I like most in our company”, says Emma

Liina Kekki

(Trainee, Corporate Venturing)

My name is Liina. I graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics with MSc in Business & Management during summer and started working at Innovestor in September. As a corporate venturing trainee, my work tasks have focused on coordinating the day-to-day operations of the Innovestor PALO Program. This has included, for example, organizing the PALO workshops, communicating with the startups and other program participants, as well as planning and scheduling.

” If I had to pick one, I would say that the best thing about working at Innovestor is definitely its people. Everyone has been extremely welcoming from the day one, and the team spirit at Annankatu 12 is hard to beat”, says Liina.