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Innovestor is an early-stage venture capital investor also offering direct co-investment syndication opportunities and building growth programs.

To date, the firm has a total of €123M across 3 funds and currently manages one of the largest private venture-backed portfolios in the Nordics consisting of over 100 high-tech companies in multiple fields of technology.

Our aim is to be the best home for future Nordic success stories. At our core, we boost the success and growth of companies by giving access to capital, know-how, and networks by utilizing our unique ecosystem of co-investors and partners.

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growth company portfolio - the largest private venture backed portfolio in the Nordics




Innovestor was founded in 2014 by our CEO Tommi Äijälä to help entrepreneurs succeed by being a great home for growth. Having started off as only a financial services company helping growth companies in their fundraising efforts, we have throughout the years evolved into the one of a kind player you see today.

Most notably when we in 2016 acquired Finnveras Vera Ltd seed fund that resulted in the creation of our venture capital investment arm taking our first steps towards not only being a financial services company, but now also a venture capital (VC) investor.

And in 2019 following the acquisition of Kasvun Roihu, we integrated a third function into our operations, namely as a builder of high caliber growth programs.

From our history we have learned that for companies to succeed, they need access to not only the capital that we as a VC invest, but also concrete know-how and networks. Aspects which the ecosystem we now have built provides.

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