Innovestor Exits Investment in Portfolio Company, Voyantic

Helsinki – Innovestor is pleased to announce the successful exit of its investment in Voyantic (the “company”). The company has been acquired by Impinj Inc., a leading RAIN RFID provider and Internet of Things pioneer, to support its global growth. 

Voyantic is the only company in the world specializing 100% in RAIN RFID and NFC measurement, testing, and encoding solutions for tag design, application development, and production. Founded in 2004 in Finland, two researchers, Jukka Voutilainen, CEO of the company, and Juho Partanen, Director of Business Development of the company, were looking into smart packages and RF sensors at the Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) when they came up with an idea for a system that would support RFID tag development. Their vision has grown into a company with over 2500 installed systems in more than 40 countries.

“We are incredibly proud of the Voyantic’s founders and their impressive journey. As an active investor and a board member, the fact that the entrepreneurs and the new owner are familiar with each other, and share the same vision and growth plans, makes us very confident about future success. We are grateful to have been part of this journey.” Janne Juhola, Partner, Innovestor Ventures.

Radio Frequency Identification RFID is a wireless remote identification that enables real-time monitoring of supply chains, inventory management, and product lifecycle management. RFID is also an invisible part of everyday routines, from payment and access control systems. In 2022, more than 30 billion RFID tags were manufactured worldwide, making it by far the most common radio technology application in the world. Interestingly, Finland has been a major player in RFID for over 20 years.

“This has been a long journey. Acquiring the right talent, developing excellent products, and earning the trust of customers does not happen overnight. We are excited about taking the next step forward with Impinj. Innovestor was an excellent strategic and financial partner who helped us navigate the journey.” Jukka Voutilainen, the CEO of the company.

MCF Corporate Finance served as the financial adviser, and Avance as the legal advisor.

About Innovestor

Innovestor is a Finnish investment company focusing on venture capital and real estate. In addition, we offer corporate venturing services. The firm currently manages four VC funds with total capital of over €220 million. Consisting of almost 100 growth companies across multiple sectors of technology and life science & health, it represents one of the largest private venture-backed portfolios in the Nordics. Our mission is to make good money. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Voyantic

Voyantic solutions are designed to speed up development, improve production quality, and increase sales of RFID technology. Voyantic is a pioneer in RFID performance testing with decades of experience in RFID technology, RF design, and packaging complex RF measurements into easy-to-use systems for the RFID industry. Most of the leading RFID technology providers use Voyantic equipment in their R&D, production, or both.


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