Innovestor PALO 2023: Welcoming Six New Innovators to Our Enhanced Program

The October 12th was an exciting day as we launched the long-anticipated PALO 2023 with a kick-off event at Innovestor offices. Innovestor PALO, our 8-week fast-track program for early-stage sustainable startups, serves as a bridge to pre-seed funding as well as finding product-market fit and vital customer connections. 

This year, our PALO family expanded with six new members: Bout, Granulous,, Kaverisovellus, HTM Solutions, and Make a BIM. Together, they embody a great mix of social responsibility, environmental consciousness, and resource optimization.

Bout is making the sea and maritime destinations accessible to everyone with their innovative platform for boat rides and cruises. Granulous is crafting a cutting-edge bio-composite from brewery waste, redefining eco-friendly materials. Meanwhile, highlights the power of inclusion, bringing beauty services within everyone’s reach. Social connections take center stage with Kaverisovellus helping adults discover new friends based on shared values and interests. 

HTM Solutions, on the other hand, dives into the future of healthcare, offering a non-intrusive method to monitor human thermal status. Lastly, Make a BIM paves the way to energy efficiency, by developing a scalable and user-friendly technology to create building information models for existing structures, aiming to decrease overall energy consumption.

While the feedback from our first round of the program in 2022 was already uplifting, we’re determined to enhance the experience further. What sets this year’s program apart is our reinforced commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, aligning with the evolving landscape of responsible business practices.

“Social responsibility, in particular, has gained prominence alongside the environmental aspect in ESG recently. I am pleased to announce that within our investment portfolio and PALO program, we now have two companies, Kaverisovellus and MAJ works, dedicated to social responsibility.” Piia Maaranen, Managing Partner, Innovestor Corporate Venturing, adds.

As these six startups dive into their PALO adventure, we’re thrilled to witness the transformation unfolding in the weeks ahead! Stay tuned as we will be introducing each of these companies in more detail in the upcoming weeks. Exciting times and inspiring narratives on the horizon!