Innovestor invests in Yield Systems – Next generation AgriTech AI 

Innovestor acts as the lead investor in Yield Systems funding round. The total size of the round was EUR 600k. In addition to the investment from our second fund, it included institutional and private investors.

Population growth and climate change impose new global challenges putting pressure on the world’s food production. Plant breeding has a key position in tackling this issue and increasing agricultural output, output which is necessary in order to safeguard the sufficiency of food worldwide.

Digital disruption within agriculture has however only just begun, but AgriTech as it’s referred to is increasingly becoming an interesting segment for venture capital investors, with industrial players also actively acquiring innovative growth companies.

“We are excited to see the impact Yield Systems unique technology will have on tackling agriculture food production challenges. The sector is promising, and continues to support our second fund’s investment theme into FoodTech companies such as Ruokaboksi, Slurp and Fiksuruoka”, comments Innovestor’s Wilhelm Lindholm.

Located in Espoo, Finland, Yield Systems is a company developing artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D modelling based solutions, with its first product now digitalizing and enhancing agriculture value chains. These solutions enable their customers to collect better data from harvests resulting in more effective data production of the plant breeding process. This shortens the product development cycle, decreases the need for expensive human resources and increases data quality in general.

With their strong science background, operative technological know-how and experience based on an Aalto University PhD research project, the team has been able to in a short time since founding the company in 2018, build their minimum viable product and begin pilot projects with industry leading customers.

Yield Systems technology is currently targeted towards plant breeders, but with minor adjustments the solutions can also be utilized for other applications in different industries. Case examples are being piloted as we speak.

“Working with Innovestor has been extremely smooth and has exceeded all my expectations. They have already made important introductions to valuable contacts. This investment allows us to focus on our products commercialization, developing our core technology from pilot to production stage and focusing on strategic customer projects, which will increase the long-term value of our company”, said Yield Systems’ CEO Jussi Gillberg.

More information:

Jussi Gillberg, CEO, Yield Systems 050 538 0987

Wilhelm Lindholm, Managing Partner, Innovestor Ltd 040 581 1051

Yield Systems joins our portfolio, which is one of the largest private venture backed portfolios in the Nordics, through the investment from our Innovestor II IP fund.

Innovestor is a Nordic early-stage venture capital investor, who also offers direct co-investment syndication opportunities and builds growth programs.