Innovestor invests in Helmee Imaging – Game-changing, visual, surface-quality control technology

Helmee imaging

Machine vision startup Helmee Imaging Ltd has received investment from Innovestor to support continued global distribution growth.

HELSINKI, Finland (May 19th 2021) Helmee Imaging, a Finnish startup founded in 2013 and based in Tampere, has received investment from Nordic venture capital investor Innovestor Ventures. The company sells machine vision systems for automated quality control of high gloss objects with curved surfaces. The funding will be used to support continued company growth and product development.  

Helmee automates the inspection of high gloss surfaces like chrome-plated, PVD coated, painted, or polished plastics and metals, with the automotive industry being their main market. Their unique advantage comes from utilizing not only machine vision technology but also unique optics and digital processing, enabling the imaging of irregular, glossy surfaces which hereunto is very difficult because of specular reflection into multiple directions. Its patented CSD® (Covered Stereo Deflectometry) technology enables it to operate in multiple business fields with high gloss surfaces, such as common household items.

“We started from cutlery, moved to automotive and household goods and now we are taking the next step into new market areas with our latest R&D innovations supported by this new funding. Our unique, patented arrangement of lights and cameras allow us to get a sharp good quality image of a wide variety of different shaped objects even when the surface is shiny” commented Helmee Imaging’s CEO Mika-Petteri Kuro.

Currently most of the surface quality inspections related to high gloss surface products, in any industry, are performed manually. However, the human eye is not designed to spot and sort out defective products on such an accurate and reliable basis given mass production volumes. This leads companies to incurring millions of euros in losses on a monthly basis from handling customer claims. By automating the monotonous inspection task, producers can be assured that technology such as Helmee’s improves both the accuracy and replicability of inspections. Reaching a 95-99% sorting accuracy result is possible thereby increasing yield and company savings in both costs and time.

“Helmee’s industrial implementation of a novel imaging technique, coupled with their international traction, positive customer feedback and market potential in multiple verticals secured our conviction of the team. We are happy to be a part of Helmee’s journey and look forward to supporting them going forward!” commented Innovestor Venture’s partner Myron Seto.

The company is currently fundraising, and the investment will enable Helmee to ramp up growth targets and the development of their second-generation device to meet the Asian markets 3C’s (computer, communications, and consumer electronics) opportunities and needs. The company expects their first deliveries to the desired 3C markets to occur in Q4 of 2021.

“The team and I are feeling good! At the moment we have a lot happening and our R&D is progressing quickly to meet this year’s goal of entering the Chinese 3C market. At the same time of course Covid-19 has caused some challenges, but there regardless still exists demand for our technology which is a great indication of the opportunity at hand” Kuro gladly summarizes.

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