Innovestor invests in Enterspeed

Danish SaaS company Enterspeed closed a seed round for international scaling. Now the 10-person company is in a position to realize its ambitions for new markets. Innovestor was the lead investor in the team of investors. 

It was more than just capital that Enterspeed set their sights on in their search for the right investor.

”We’ve spoken to many venture funds both in Denmark and abroad, and it was clear to us early on that we should have the courage to wait for the right investor to let us run Enterspeed in a way we feel is right. I’m thrilled that we’ve brought Innovestor on board. It is a strong fund with a good grasp of the technology market”, says Toke Lund, the CEO of Enterspeed.

Enterspeed has developed a SaaS solution that makes it easier, faster, and cheaper to replace and update data sources from backend systems. Their so-called Speed Layer – an integration component in the Digital Experience Composition (DXC) category – makes complex IT infrastructures with many integrations much easier to build and maintain. 

“I was excited to see that Enterspeed has developed a product that’s relevant to the entire development chain. Their Speed Layer solves some significant technological challenges. Such challenges with hyper-complex infrastructures will only intensify as the developer shortage increases. We’re quite proud to invest in a Scandinavian company with such global potential”, says Myron Seto, Partner, Innovestor Ventures

The company’s current customer base includes large enterprises such as Carlsberg, Flügger, Hummel, and most recently also Danish Crown. But Enterspeed can be used by all companies with an infrastructure with several sources that need to interact.

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