From fresh-faced trainees to real estate asset managers 

Navigating the leap from academia to the bustling world of professional asset management can be a daunting prospect. At Innovestor, this transition becomes a hands-on learning experience and concrete growth, far from the shadowing and paperwork-filled days one might expect. 

Anna-Mari Jalo, Maria Aller, and Toni Turpeenniemi, who all share roots at Aalto University, have successfully made this shift, evolving from trainees to full-time asset managers within Innovestor’s Real Estate team. They now offer a slice of their life within the team, painting a picture of what it means to grow in the field.

Same school, different journeys

Despite their shared educational backdrop, each journey into the realm of asset management was a bit different. Anna-Mari kicked off as a part-time trainee, balancing her university studies with work, including a spell of remote work from abroad. 

“In the fall of 2023, I worked remotely for Innovestor from Milan during a university exchange. It felt natural to continue working during the exchange, and remote working from another country went really well with Innovestor,” she shares.

Maria’s interest in real estate was piqued during her internship at YIT, and upon seeing an open trainee position at Innovestor, she applied, motivated by her growing fascination with the field. Toni’s journey is one of a subtle shift in direction, from engineering to real estate economics, sparked by an interest found during hands-on site management work in his bachelor’s studies.

Real impact, early on

The appeal of Innovestor, as highlighted by the trio, lies in its dynamic roles and a work culture that not only promotes growth and learning but also entrusts you with real responsibilities early on.

“What fascinated me about Innovestor were the diverse tasks, the opportunity to learn new things, the chance to influence my job role, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the values that are important to me,” Anna-Mari notes. 

Maria found the small team structure at Innovestor ideal for gaining a broad understanding of the sector, while Toni was attracted by the job posting on his student union page, seeing it as a perfect launchpad for his career in real estate.

A typical day for a real estate asset manager at Innovestor is anything but typical. Between financial oversight, operational development, tenant interactions, and contributing to environmental initiatives, the role is a juggling act of responsibilities. 

“I’m nearing two years at Innovestor, and I must say there hasn’t been two days that are the same,” Anna-Mari sums it up.

Some ground-level advice

For those still in university, eyeing a future in asset management, the advice from our trio is clear: embrace every learning chance, prepare for challenges, and immerse yourself in the industry. 

Maria emphasizes the importance of trainee programs for gaining a wide lens on the industry, while Anna-Mari suggests, “Your attitude and willingness to learn, as well as the ability to take responsibility, all affect your progress.”

Toni adds a final nugget of wisdom for aspiring real estate professionals specifically: “In school, it’s particularly beneficial to focus on courses dealing with cash flow yield calculations, as they are used almost daily in the professional world, depending on your role.”

At Innovestor, starting as a trainee quickly evolves into tackling meaningful work and facing new challenges daily. Anna-Mari, Maria, and Toni all show that growth comes from diving in and owning your role. Their journeys highlight that with the right attitude and eagerness to learn, you can make a real impact right from the start.