From a trainee to a marketing specialist at Innovestor

We continue our career path stories. This time in the spotlight we have Emma Kettunen, Innovestor marketing trainee turned marketing specialist, who is sharing her career path to date and some nuggets of wisdom for other young students eyeing a career in marketing and venture capital.

Drawn to the world of startups

After high school, studying marketing was a natural choice for Emma. To broaden her horizons beyond Finland, she chose Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) in Sweden, earning a degree in Marketing Management while working part-time at Wolt.

It was partly the startup-like spirit at Wolt that sparked her interest in the startup culture. “When I saw the job posting from Innovestor, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more about it,” she says. In October 2022, she joined Innovestor as a trainee while still finishing her studies in Jönköping.

Supportive culture and exciting projects

After two years as a trainee, learning the ropes, Emma was recently promoted to a marketing specialist. She finds the culture at Innovestor equally inspiring—fast-paced, yet supportive. The company was flexible in accommodating Emma’s schedule, allowing her to balance her studies and work commitments effectively.

Working as a part of an ambitious marketing team, Emma has had the chance to participate in a variety of marketing tasks, including content creation, paid advertising, and event marketing for a wide range of exciting projects and campaigns. One of Emma’s standout projects has been the PALO accelerator application campaign this year and the content creation for it. “It has been particularly inspiring to be part of the PALO Accelerator team and follow the early-stage startups, witness their progress and share the excitement,” Emma shares.

It’s all about the attitude – Emma’s key tips

One of the biggest lessons Emma has learned is the importance of asking for help. “The more you ask for assistance and seek insights from experienced colleagues, the more you learn,” she says. She also emphasizes the value of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks. “It’s okay to dive into the deep end sometimes; the best learning experiences often come from challenges and even failures. Innovestor’s supportive environment has been crucial for this,” she notes.

For young students considering a career in venture capital, Emma encourages being active in the ecosystem. “Work hard for what genuinely interests you and be very active in the ecosystem. Engage with various entrepreneurship societies to gain relevant experience, as this is highly valued in the industry. It’s attitude that matters in the end; being eager to learn, showing what makes you excited, and getting along well with people are key factors for success,” she concludes.