ESG Survey Recap: Gender Diversity, GHG, and more

This blog will delve into the key findings derived from our 2022 ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) survey. Furthermore, we will shed light on Innovestor’s most recent sustainability project, highlighting our organization’s commitment to fostering sustainable actions not only within our portfolio companies but also in our own practices.

ESG Survey 2022: Positive Steps in Gender Diversity

The survey was conducted in June 2023 from a questionnaire sent to portfolio companies of our three funds, which comprise 94 companies. The results provide an understanding of the sustainability efforts within our investment ecosystem. It’s worth noting that our Life Science fund has published a separate ESG report. 

We are pleased to observe positive overall progress in our portfolio companies, particularly in gender diversity. What’s encouraging is that the challenge doesn’t stem from a lack of willingness to embrace ESG initiatives. The real challenge lies in the breadth of these issues, making it complex to break down, measure, and allocate resources effectively. According to our survey results, our portfolio companies express a willingness to receive assistance in both setting priorities and implementing sustainability measures.

Positive highlights from the Survey:

  1. Gender Diversity: Our companies have shown a commendable increment in the employment of women. Yet, the stagnant figures in leadership positions spotlight the need for a strategic reevaluation to foster gender diversity.
  2. Greenhouse Gas Protocol: The increase in companies adopting the GHG protocol for their emissions calculation shows the dedication towards understanding and mitigating our environmental footprint.
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): The growing emphasis on anti-discrimination, equality, and diversity policies among our portfolio companies is a promising indicator of our collective approach toward creating a holistic and inclusive work environment.
  4. Rising ESG Maturity: More companies now see themselves at a moderate level of ESG maturity. This journey towards sustainability is about dedication, understanding, and integration, not just superficial changes.

Innovestor’s commitment: Good Money needs Good Actions

We embarked on an exciting cross-functional Innovestor’s corporate sustainability project in the past quarter, supporting our mission to make good money. The primary objective was to outline our key sustainability focus areas, which are:

A noteworthy milestone for us is our decision to assess our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the first time in 2023. We aim to establish a data collection process so that in 2024, our emissions calculations will be based on accurate data rather than estimates. We hope that our initiative inspires our portfolio companies, underscoring the importance of taking that first step on the sustainability journey.

Building and maintaining a sustainable business is no easy feat; it requires dedication, prioritization, and a delicate balance among diverse stakeholders and their expectations. As we move forward, let us find solace in the fact that our collective efforts, both big and small, contribute to a more sustainable future.

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