Corporate and Start-up Collaboration: Vantaa Energy & Myrspoven 

Through our Corporate Venturing operations, we’ve successfully facilitated a partnership between Myrspoven, a pioneering AI software company in building optimization, and Vantaa Energy, one of the largest city energy companies. 

“There are several forms of start-up – corporate cooperation based on the level of commitment. The case with Vantaa Energy and Myrspoven is an excellent example of a strategic alliance leading to a significant investment.” 

Matti Härkönen, Partner, Innovestor Corporate Venturing

Investment Highlights: 

”Startup collaboration is pivotal for companies like ours to stay at the forefront of innovation,” says Matti Wallin, Business Director, Energy Service Business at Vantaa Energy. “It allows us to access and invest into groundbreaking technologies and entrepreneurial talent, enhancing our competitive edge.” 

“Collaborating with established corporates through venturing opportunities is transformative for startups like ours. It provides us with the capital, scale, and expertise necessary to accelerate our growth and impact. Our strategic co-operation with Vantaa Energy, facilitated by Innovestor, is a prime example of how such partnerships can drive innovation forward,” says Anders Kallebo, Co-Founder at Myrspoven.

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About Innovestor:

Innovestor is a Finnish investment company focusing on venture capital and real estate. In addition, we offer corporate venturing services. The firm currently manages six VC funds with total capital of over €250 million. Consisting of almost 100 growth companies across multiple sectors of technology and life science & health, it represents one of the largest private venture-backed portfolios in the Nordics. Our mission is to make good money. 

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About Vantaa Energy:

Vantaa Energy is a leading Finnish urban energy company with an ambitious objective to be a carbon-negative circular economy energy company by 2030. Our investment plans aim to decarbonize Finland’s fourth-largest city’s district heating system with smart recycling of energy and finite materials.…

About Myrspoven:

Myrspoven AB is a pioneering force in the realm of energy optimization, dedicated to revolutionizing the way buildings harness and consume energy. With a deep commitment to sustainability, Myrspoven leverages cutting-edge AI technology and innovative solutions to create more efficient buildings and sustainable, stable energy systems.