New co-investment opportunity: Aplagon – Preventing blood clots locally

This years last co-investment opportunity is Aplagon.  Aplagon is a 2009 founded Helsinki based pharmaceutical discovery and development company developing locally acting antithrombotic products (APACs) for the prevention of occlusions associated with blood vessel interventions. APACs are currently in late preclinical development. Aplagon is supported by an experienced management team and Board, an excellent scientific network, and backed by a strong syndicate of leading Finnish investors like Finnvera, Helsinki University Funds, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation as well as Innovestor.

Blood vessel occlusion following vascular interventions is a major clinical problem and a multibillion commercial opportunity. Their product, APAC, uniquely targets both acute and late complications of vascular interventions and acts locally at the site of the vascular injury. These unique features enable them to focus – within the vast blood vessel occlusion market – first on selected fast track indications, i.e. life threatening conditions without approved therapies. They are driven to take these therapeutics through the clinic, enabling treatments for patients where currently no optimal options exist.

Aplagon partnered with Cadila Pharmaceuticals, an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company, in 2017 for the clinical development and commercialisation of its lead APAC product in India. Together the companies are pursuing selected challenging indications where the current treatments are not optimal. Aplagon is raising funding to prove the effectiveness and safety of APACs in human trials, after which the drug will be commercialised by 2021.

Why invest in Aplagon?

⊕ APAC does not directly compete with other current treatments and is solving  problems that exist regardless of modern medicines optimal use.

⊕ The goal is to have a quick exit and increase in valuation – the companies target is to commercialise the product within 3 years.

⊕ APAC will be introduced to the market through acute kidney failure and dialysis patients – currently both patient groups have a large medical need but no effective treatments.

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The funding round closes on 7.12.2018.

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We are organizing an investor breakfast in November which will be streamed via live webinar 22.11.2018 at 8.30am, where Aplagons CEO Aki Prihti and CSO, Professor Riitta Lassila will introduce the company and go through the funding round in detail.

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