Innovestor has made a follow-on investment in Capalo AI, a Finnish energy tech company

Innovestor has made a follow-on investment in Capalo AI to help the company to maximise the value of flexible energy assets, accelerating the green transition. Capalo AI participated to Innovestor Palo 2022 Program last year.

Finnish energy tech startup Capalo AI has raised €500,000 in pre-seed funding. The funding round was led by Innovestor, with Inventure also participating. Capalo AI will use the funding to further develop its virtual power plant (VPP) and multi-market optimization AI, as well as scale up its team with talented mathematicians and cloud service professionals.

With the popularity and commissioning of renewable energy sources rising globally, the role of energy storage and flexible demand will be crucial in the green transition. The consumption and production of electricity have to be balanced at all times for a functioning grid.

Weather conditions make renewable energy production volatile, as it is never possible to completely accurately forecast how much electricity can be produced. Using advanced AI, Capalo AI can optimize the usage of flexible energy assets, such as energy storage systems and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Capalo AI’s technology allows the commissioning of weather-dependent renewable energy sources to grow rapidly by optimizing the flexibility of the energy grid to adjust to production and demand fluctuations.

This benefits national grids and Capalo AI’s customers, as the optimal bidding strategies maintain grid balance better and maximize the revenues of customers’ assets by stacking different revenue streams.

Innovestor sees numerous possibilities in investing in AI-powered energy asset optimization. For example, in windy weather, the prices of renewable energy are low, and therefore, its financial benefit remains low, i.e., wind power becomes a less lucrative investment option. This has led to the construction of batteries next to the turbines, which enables the energy to be discharged into the grid more evenly.

“Armed with an excellent can-do attitude, robust educational backgrounds, and a passion for bridging the gaps between today’s grid challenges and tomorrow’s green aspirations, the team at Capalo AI truly impressed us. Having achieved such impressive results in a short time, we’re convinced the team is on the brink of something remarkable. Our investment in Capalo AI is not just a financial decision; it signifies our commitment to a brighter, sustainable future. Together, we’re not merely participants in the green transition; we’re setting the pace.”

Petri Laine, Partner at Innovestor

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Petri Laine

Partner, Innovestor Technology Fund

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