Arilyn / Co-investment opportunity

We are investing in Arilyn (Robust North Ltd), a 2013 founded Helsinki based technology company offering augmented reality (AR)- solutions for creative professionals in marketing, media and entertainment industries. We now offer you the opportunity to invest together with us via our Co-investment Platform.

Augmented reality has for sometime now been a talked about hot topic future technology. In essence, augmented reality is the technology that expands our physical world, adding layers of digital information onto it. The technology is not to be confused with virtual reality (VR), which replaces your real environment by submerging you into an artificial virtual world with the help of for example special VR devices. Watch Arilyn’s 2018 showreel to better understand how Arilyn’s AR technology is used by their customers.

Augmented Reality as a Service

Arilyn has grown into one of the industries few AR companies generating revenue. Their secret? They have successfully positioned themselves as augmented reality experts, with deep understanding on how the technology brings added value to their customers businesses.

Additionally, Arilyn has identified a key problem that they believe has been holding back the AR industry from growing as fast as it could be; AR has been too technology driven.

That’s why Arilyn has listened the market needs, and filled the gap by developing a ‘AR as a Service’ business model, which offers customers a combination of both the technology and much needed content. This means that Arilyn has created the best tools and services for AR storytelling, and developed a platform with the widest range of features on the AR market. No coding skills required.

Ambitious growth plans

In a short period of time, Arilyn has become an AR pioneer within their industry with customers in +20 countries. This past January 2019, they signed a global partnership agreement with CCL Industries, the worlds biggest packaging and label manufacturer who has customers such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonland’s and Heineken.

The company has received great industry recognition and their CEO Emmi Jouslehto was awarded the ‘Nordic Female Entrepeneur‘ of the year in 2018 in New York. With a target revenue of 100 MEUR in 2023, and based on their track record, Arilyn is well on their way with achieving their goals.

Funding round details

Arilyn’s funding round is open until 26.6.2019 on our Co-investment Platform. Along with Superhero Capital Ltd, Jasperus S.A, we are the rounds lead investor investing 200,000€ into the company’s future.

Meet the CEO

We hosted an investor webinar where Arilyn’s CEO Emmi Jouslehto introduced the company and funding round. (Please note; the recording is in Finnish)

Watch the webinar recording

How to invest

Visit our Co-investment Platform and get to know the company by downloading Arilyn’s investor material. Once you are ready to invest with us, simply log into the platform with your bank-id and fill in the share subscription form.

If you have any questions, would like more information or want to book a face to face meeting with our investor relations team, please contact our Director of Investor Relations, Päivi Ihme:

Päivi Ihme

Director, Investor Relations | +358 40 586 5627


Arilyn in the media

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