Future Female Founders

Calling women in science!

Women are well represented in the academic world of health sciences. However, making your research really impact the society may require a spin-out. And most of the academic spin-out companies are founded by male teams. Why is this?

We welcome female scientists and students to “Future Female Founders?” event to debunk myths about entrepreneurship and an academic career, and to help connect female researchers with like-minded entrepreneurs.

There should be no barriers to spinning-out your innovations. Join us to find out the best model for you! 

“It’s possible to combine an academic career, family, and make an impact with spin-outs.”

Milla Koistinaho,
Partner, Innovestor Life Science.


14th of November 2023, 15:00-17:00

Kielikeskuksen juhlatila, University of Helsinki (Fabianinkatu 26, 00100 Helsinki)


Dr. Anni Mörö
COO & Founder at Stemsight

Anni Mörö is Co-founder and COO of StemSight Oy. StemSight Oy is a spin-off company from Tampere University developing off-the-shelf cell therapies for unmet medical needs in corneal blindness. Anni has an academic background with a PhD in cell and tissue engineering and she also acts a Senior Research Fellow at Tampere University, where she leads Business Finland funded R2B project.

Dr. Milla Koistinaho
Partner, Innovestor Life Science

Milla is a docent in neurobiology with 20 years of experience in commercializing innovations in the life sciences. She has a strong background in industrial and intellectual property management, international business development, licensing, and fundraising. After defending her thesis, Milla worked for the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly in the United States. Afterwards, she founded and led three biotechnology startups. Before establishing the Innovestor Life Science fund, Milla served as the operational director for Helsinki Innovation Services, where she was responsible for a vast patent portfolio and launching new startup companies.

Dr. Jana Buzkova
COO & Co-founder at Nadmed

I have studied Biology and early on focused on mitochondrial disorders. I got my PhD in the lab of Prof. Wartiovaara at the University of Helsinki in the field of mitochondrial disease biomarkers. After graduation, I became a Project Planner to coordinate the research-related administration in the lab, including NADMED as the TUTL R2B project. We founded NADMED in January 2022, and I am the company shareholder and COO.