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For Partners

We build and execute growth programs

Are you looking for the future Nordic success stories and want to meet the founders behind them? Or are you interested in finding new breakthrough technologies and clients? We build growth programs which give our partners access to all that, and more.

What we offer

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Learn about the latest innovations and business models in the Nordics.
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Connect with new clients, networks and gain visibility in the Nordics.
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Meet the most ambitious growth companies and the founders behind them.

Innovestor Network

Join our 200+ fast growing partners network


Knowing where the world is going is vital for successful companies. With us, you will learn about the latest technologies and innovations before others, meet the brightest people, and be a part of an ecosystem containing thousands of Nordic growth companies.

As our partner, we offer you easy access growth programs; such as Kasvu Open and Grow to Market programs to the USA, China and Sweden, where you can co-operate and connect with innovative Finnish growth companies. Our partnership opportunities are geared towards Corporations, Expert & Public Organizations, and learning institutions.

Let’s support Finnish growth companies’ development, growth and internationalization together.


Why become our partner?

with the most innovative growth hungry companies from diverse fields of technologies looking to grow in Finland and Abroad

Create valuable partnerships
Create valuable partnerships
with growth companies, program partners and other network members and in that way create new contacts and secure new clients

Accelerate your own organization's learning
Accelerate your own organization's learning
and develop your team's know-how

Strengthen your brand
Strengthen your brand
amongst growth companies and our other program partners network


growth companies apply to our programs every year

current corporate partners

events organized per year

growth experts in our ecosystem


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Grow to Market

Partner with future success stories heading to China, Sweden and the USA


Grow to Market is the largest private internationalization program in Finland for growth companies heading to China, Sweden or the USA. The program is built for companies that are planning on starting their international growth paths and for those who have already started but are still in their early stages.

Since 2017, with the help of our 34 partners, we have helped 192 growth companies find their business potential in the Chinese, Swedish and the USA markets through 10 completed Grow to Market programs.



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Kasvu Open

Be part of Finland’s largest growth company coaching program


Kasvu Open is the largest growth coaching program for SMES in Finland. Each year Kasvu Open gathers the most innovative and growth hungry startups and start again companies to help develop and grow their businesses.

Since 2014, 1700 companies have received coaching, 1500 experts have offered their expertise and 270 partners have helped us carry out the program on a regional and national level. Together, the Kasvu Open partners share a mission of making Finland the world’s best growth company nation.



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Tahdo uudistua

Support the continuity and renewal of Finnish SME’s

Tahdo uudistua is a program we organize in co-operation with our partners Säästöpankki, LähiTapiola and Elo. Our goal is to reach over two thousand entrepreneurs in our first year, and give them the right tools to make their businesses thrive. This is a great way to bring your business close to a huge pool of traditional Finnish companies.


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Invest in future success stories

Together with us, a professional venture capital investor


As an early-stage venture capital investor, we have the largest private venture backed portfolio in the Nordics. We invest in ambitious, high-tech, growth companies without industry limitations. As your investment channel to the Nordic region’s future success stories, we give you the opportunity to co-invest together with us into our chosen pre-vetted portfolio companies.




You will be in good company



Interested in partnering or creating your own growth program together with us?

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Business Director, Grow to Market


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Business Director, Kasvu Open


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Business Director, Tahdo Uudistua


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