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Who should apply to PALO program?

A Finnish idea or pre-seed stage sustainable tech startup team with a world class business and/or product idea, looking for right contacts, funding and customers. Your company has to be established not later than 1st of September 2023.

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What’s in it for me? Why should I apply?

New partner to your team, with capital, contacts and customers. Money to kickstart your business, hands-on business coaching from top-notch advisors, real customer contacts and help for starting your next funding round. Professional level valuation and feedback on which direction your team should be heading.

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How many companies are in the program?

In our autumn 2023 batch, we accept 10 most promising sustainable tech companies to join the program.

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What is Innovestor’s role in the program?

Innovestor invests €75k in each startup. Thus, we will be part of the startups’ journey also in the future. Our aim is to support you through the program and beyond.

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What can I expect after the program?

You have found hands-on VC partner to your team, your next client, pilot partner, follow-on investors, advisors or perhaps all of these.

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Is the program online or offline?

The four program workshops are live days in Helsinki. The form of Growth Board meetings can be agreed between attendants.

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What are the dates of the program?

Workshop 1 Thu 12th of Oct at 9-16
Workshop 2 Thu 2nd of Nov at 9-16
Workshop 3 Thu 23rd of Nov at 9-16
Deal Day Wed 13th of Dec at 9-17

+ Follow-up Day, Fri 9th of Feb 2023

Four Growth Board meetings (2 hours):

Growth Board 1 Fri 13th of Oct at 10-12
Growth Board 2 Fri 3rd of Nov at 10-12
Growth Board 3 Tue 14th of Nov at 10-12
Growth Board 4 Wed 29th of Nov at 10-12

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How do we match your startup with a relevant corporation?

This is one of the key benefits of the program. We give you access to our vast corporate network by inviting the most relevant corporations to participate the program. We match the corporations and startups based on the individual needs of each participant startup.

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What kind of corporations does Innovestor have in their network?

Our customer pool is vast and like us, they are all passionate about finding the next big innovations in sustainable tech and eager to build cooperation with the right teams. A few examples of our corporate customers:

Oulun Energia Kiilto Neste
Fortum Remeo Walki
Metsä Fiskars Paulig
Spring (Metsä Group) Telia Company Valtra
Alva Kemira Oomi Energia

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What are the terms of PALO program?

We’ll make a €75K investment for 6% equity stake. The program fee is €10K. €65K is for your company’s own expenses and development work.

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How many hours does the program take from your team?

During the 12 weeks, you will be attending the program workshops and meetings. These will be taking all together approximately 70 hours. In addition: Please make sure you have enough resources and hours to use for the meeting and workshop preparation.

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Who are the advisors in the program?

Advisors are invited from our vast network, based on your team’s specific needs. On top of this we’ve already invited some well-established advisors, such as Aki Soudunsaari, Piia Maaranen, Ilkka Kaikuvuo and Johanna Fräki to join our advisor teams.

In addition we will be inviting Innovestor’s own professionals to mentor the attending companies.

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