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Health & Life Science Initiative

Are you looking for ways how to boost your startup by partnering with relevant corporates? Let us help you. We are looking for innovative startups who are interested in solving business challenges together with our corporate partners.

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Experienced early-stage VC investor focusing on Health & Life Science startups

We understand the unique challenges faced by health and life science startups as we have been investing and supporting their growth since 2015. Explore our portfolio here. Examples of two success stories include our exit from bone lengthening medical device company Synoste and leading life sciences robotics and diagnostics automation company Ginolis.

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Co-create together with industry leaders


Together with our initiative partners, we are looking for innovative Nordic & Baltic startups that are finding ways to better respond to the prevention and treatment of several health-related diseases.

Our partners are for example looking for ways to improve: Patient independence, Care quality and cost-effectiveness, Balance in managing care and treatment of chronic diseases, and Utilizing data and digitalization.


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How do we do this



Our initiative gives your business the opportunity to be developed in a real-world setting, that integrates specialized care from hospitals, as well as occupational health and private healthcare providers.

With committed partners focused on ensuring your success, you will have checkpoint meetings and a dedicated advisor board providing valuable growth insights throughout the process. What we expect from you is that you have proof of concept, a genuine interest in co-creating with a corporate, and can dedicate an ample amount of your time to the process.

The kind of innovations we are looking for


Diabetes prevention and care

Innovation examples

Overall digital solutions for patient care. Solutions could be related to prevention (e.g. identifying risk groups, improving lifestyle modification for prevention and management) or diabetes care and management e.g. remote care and monitoring, two-way communication, and data exchange channels between patient and healthcare professional to improve clinical outcomes of the selected interventions, improvements in health & clinical data management or enhance cost-efficiency in any aspect of the care pathway structure itself.


Cardiovascular diseases prevention and care

Innovation examples

Specific solutions for secondary prevention in digital care of coronary artery patients. Solutions that manage five key parameters proven to decrease the probability of a recurrent event: lipid management, blood glucose, smoking, exercise and blood pressure. In addition, solutions that support self-care and collecting patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and elements that improve two-way patient communication as well as patient contact optimization.


Intelligent knowledge management in healthcare

Innovation examples

Overall digital solutions for data management. Solutions that can leverage existing data to create dashboards and reports from it (e.g. gathering data from different patient information systems or ERPs). Management assistance systems for better workflow and resource planning in hospital environment. Solutions that help to organize new incoming data (e.g. appointment optimization, automation of the appointment process). Artificial intelligence solutions that improve customer experience for example chatbots which utilize natural language recognition.

Waiting is wasting – Next steps

Recognize your opportunity
Recognize your opportunity
If you feel that your solution may match what our partners are looking for, the first step is to send us your application.

Solution Pitch
Solution Pitch
After evaluating all applications, the chosen most promising startups will be invited to pitch to the initiative partners in an online vetting workshop.

Co-create new business opportunities
Co-create new business opportunities
2-4 startups will be chosen to begin co-creating with our partners, supported by an advisor board meant to help identify new business opportunities together.

Continued partnership
Continued partnership
After the facilitated co-creation period, the goal is that you and our partner will have created a partnership bringing value to both of your business'.

Take the opportunity to co-create with industry leaders on a mission to improving patient treatment


How to join




How much does it cost?

For the chosen startups, nothing. All we ask of you is that you have the right solution, are business driven, have proof of concept, and are committed to putting in the work together with our partners

What is Innovestor's role in the initiative?

We find innovative startups on behalf of our partners and facilitate the matchmaking and co-creation processes

Why should I choose you?

As an early-stage VC we analyze hundreds of potential startups every month but we want to offer something more than just being the money. That’s why we have developed our corporate venturing services for corporations, as an additional channel for how we can support not only the growth of our own portfolio companies but also other startups helping the startup ecosystem on a whole.