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We will help you accelerate your growth and success, by not only providing the capital you need, but also give access to know-how & networks on growing your business and meeting the best possible growth partners. Explore our investment criteria and growth programs to become a part of our Nordic source ecosystem.

What we offer

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Get the capital you need. We arrange the whole funding process for you and make a venture capital investment simultaneously. We also offer our know-how, exclusive board and advisory networks to support your growth
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Growth Programs

Participate in our growth programs and get access to the best resources where you accelerate your know-how and find the most relevant partners
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Enter our ecosystem. We open the doors for you to leverage and get access to our co-investors, other growth companies and growth partners



growth companies apply to our programs every year

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Fund your growth – Our investment criteria

Looking to accelerate your growth with an experienced venture capital investor? If you fill our criteria, we might be a perfect match.

Located in the New Nordics
Located in the New Nordics

Early stage (round size around 1Million€)
Early stage (round size around 1Million€)

Not industry specific
Not industry specific

Technology driven & Passionate team
Technology driven & Passionate team

Waiting is wasting.

Give us a call or send us an email with any questions you may have regarding funding

Mikko Rautiainen

Dealflow Manager


+358 50 570 5985




What is needed to start the funding process?

As a first step, we need a good enough overview of your business and your growth plans. Please fill in our online funding application form and attach your deck. The form can be found on our website under ‘Apply for funding’

Why raise funding with Innovestor?

Our connections are exceptional, both in regards to our ability to raise funding as well as our know-how and networks.

How do you benefit from raising funding with Innovestor?

In addition to raising funding to support your next growth stage, we give you our know-how and networks to accelerate your growth.

How long is the funding process?

Typically the entire funding process takes around 8 weeks.


Grow your business with our growth programs



Grow to Market

Your expressway to global business

No new programs are planned at the moment due to Covid-19. Grow to Market is the largest private internationalization program in Finland for growth companies heading to Sweden or the USA. Our Grow to Market program strengthens your know-how about the target market and creates opportunities for you to meet relevant internationalization partners. The program accelerates your ability to build co-operation, customer relationships and visibility in a new market.


Kasvu Open

Expert coaching for your business and growth plan

Kasvu Open is the largest growth coaching program for SMEs in Finland. Each year Kasvu Open gathers the most innovative and growth hungry startups and start again companies to help develop and grow their businesses. In Kasvu Open we give you access to a vast network of growth experts, business expertise and investors in the country, to help you clarify your growth plan – free of charge.


Tahdo Uudistua

Business renewal program

Our Tahdo Uudistua pilot program was launched in November 2019 together with our partners such as Säästöpankki, LähiTapiola and Elo. The program consisted of nine events in nine cities all around Finland and a few smaller sparring sessions in those cities. In these events, entrepreneurs networked with experts from various fields and other entrepreneurs. No new program has been planned.





Companies we have helped grow with our growth programs



Waiting is wasting.

Give us a call or send us an email with any questions you may have regarding our growth programs

Maria Hyppönen

Business Director, Grow to Market


+358 40 844 5480


Satu Haka

Business Director, Kasvu Open


+358 50 304 8779


Susanne Forsberg

Business Director, Tahdo Uudistua


+358 50 576 0851




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