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Building the best home for growth – Innovestor acquires Kasvun Roihu Ltd

Helsinki, FIN: Innovestor has become a unique player in the Finnish growth company ecosystem following the acquisition of Kasvun Roihu Ltd ove...

Arilyn / Co-investment opportunity

We are investing in Arilyn (Robust North Ltd), a 2013 founded Helsinki based technology company offering augmented reality (AR)- solutions for...
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Sensmet raises EUR 700K – Breakthrough Technology For Real-time Water Quality Analysis

Congratulations to our new portfolio company Sensmet Ltd for successfully closing their funding round due to oversubscription and raising thei...

Innovestor invests in Swedish Fintech company Splitgrid

Innovestor invested as the lead investor into the fintech company Splitgrid, a Sweden-based company providing software solutions for securing ...

Innovestor Expands its Co-investment Operations to Commercial Properties

Co-investment is at the heart of Innovestor’s operational model and opens the doors to targets normally accessible only to professional invest...
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Sensmet Ltd / Co-investment opportunity

We are investing in Sensmet Ltd, a 2017 founded University of Oulu research spinoff, that has developed a proprietary water analyser technolog...

Tenboron raises €1.5M – an investment that impacts lives

Congratulations to our portfolio company Tenboron Ltd for successfully closing their funding round due to oversubscription and raising their t...

Tenboron Ltd / New co-investment opportunity

We are investing in Tenboron Ltd, a 2010 founded Helsinki based pharmaceutical company that has developed a novel boron delivery agent to help...

Medtech company Monidor is on a mission to ensure proper IV therapy for every patient

We are investing in Monidor Ltd, a 2015 founded Oulu based medtech startup that specializes in developing small, smart digital health devices ...