Navigine Corporation

“Innovestor team demonstrated
a highly professional approach starting from deal preparation phases
till the deal closing”

Oleg Demidov, Co-founder

March 2016

Round of €0,4M

12 investors

Min ticket €9240

Navigine: a platform for tracking
solutions and precise indoor

Navigine is a B-2-B enterprise platform for tracking solutions and precise indoor navigation. As a result of over 5 years of R&D, Navigine has managed to develop a mobile platform, that allows public venues – retailers, airports, transport hubs, hospitals, stadiums and expo centers – to create and improve mobile apps with location based features. The platform is rolled out at more than 200 locations all over the world. It has been implemented, for instance, at Hamleys retail chain, RIO shopping mall, Vegas shopping mall, Dubai Airports, Sheremetyevo International Airport, Expocentre Moscow, Russian Railway stations, Moscow Subway stations, Open Innovation Forum 2016.

Navigine had raised funding in total of USD 660k and in 2015 company’s revenue was USD 100k. Being a confident market leader in Russia, Navigine was working towards international expansion with the focus on the US and Western European markets. In order to support the expansion to the US market Innovestor organised the investment round of USD 400k. During the collaboration with Innovestor the company Navigine was also enrolled in Starta Accelerator Program, leading accelerator in New York for startups with Eastern European frontier technology.

Navigine was Innovestor’s first share issue from Russia, and the company appealed to investors from the Nordic area, Russia and the US. One of the US investors is John Ason, business angel and Navigine’s mentor at Starta Accelerator Program in New York.

Navigine has proven to be a really dedicated and hard-working team. From the very beginning it was a part of strategy to land business critical partnerships with major technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, HP, Samsung and Yandex. Since the start of operations in the US market, Navigine team took part in numerous events and acceleration programs dedicated to healthcare, transportation and smart cities in the US – Healhbox Accelerator, Grand Central Tech Accelerator, Tech Day Event, Smart Innovation for Smart Cities Event, New Haven Hackathon, became the second winner of NYC IBM Smart Camp NYC.

“We had the first meeting with Innovestor on October 2015 and got the first funding already in February 2016. Innovestor team demonstrated a highly professional approach starting from deal preparation phases till the deal closing. All activities during fundraising period were carefully planned and the timeline was clearly set”.

Oleg Demidov, co-founder

During past nine months Navigine created connections and continued to grow partners’ network for future intensive growth on the US market. The latest news is that Navigine is selected as one of the top 40 startups to attend Startup World Cup. The company took part in the first ever event of its type, organized by Fenox Venture Capital, a Silicon Valley-based multinational VC firm. Innovestor was not only the intermediary for Navigine, but also a provider of valuable benefits coming from Innovestor’s business model: with limited risk due to success-based pricing, manageable and committed co-investor syndicate, fast processes with good terms for startups, gaining access to global network and expertize. All those peeks made Navigine more successful to start on global market.

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